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    Rapid Manufacturing Division
    Fenghua Zhuolis rapid manufacturing division is committed to the development of high-end metal prototypes and to provide users with rapid manufacturing solutions for small and medium-sized metal parts. It has more than 20 years of complex castings such as military, aerospace and automotive parts Experience in casting and processing. The rapid manufacturing division uses high-speed 3D printing sand mold equipment to print sand cores through solidification simulation, and combines gravity casting and low-pressure casting production methods. It is also equipped with dozens of imported Demag and Mazak CNC precision CNC machine tools. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949 and other system certifications. It has advanced testing equipment such as three-coordinate measuring instruments, X-ray flaw detection and mechanical properties, and spectral analysis. The testing facilities are complete.

    Sand mold making: 2 PCM sand mold 3D printers, 7 PDM sand mold engraving and milling machines, and 2 sand mold molding machines; Casting: 2 aluminum melting furnaces, 1 low-pressure casting machine, 1 gravity casting machine, 1 iron furnace, 1 steel furnace;
    Machining: Nine CNC vertical machining centers, one four-axis machining center, one horizontal machining center, one gantry machining center, and five-axis machining center.
    Product testing: Direct reading spectrometer (material composition testing), X-ray flaw detection equipment, 3D scanner, universal tensile testing machine, industrial electronic endoscope, hardness tester, three-coordinate measuring instrument, ultrasonic measurement Thickness gauge, roughness tester, air tightness tester;
    Sand mold detection: Gas volume detector, sand mold strength tester, sand mold air permeability tester