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    FHZL launched the 4th Generation Sand 3D Printer
    Publisher: FHZL  Page view:4582  2020-01-16

    FHZL has successfully applied the state-to-the-art 3D printing technology to its fourth generation sand 3D printer in 2019 with strengths as follows:

    1. The printing efficiency is the best in the industry. Compared with the peers on the same machine size, while the peers are utilizing two pass printing mode by 8 print heads, FHZL adopts four pass printing mode by only 4 print heads instead. In order to improve the forming efficiency, the former usually increases the quantity of print heads(usually 8 to 16 or even more) to reduce the movement of the print head carriage. FHZL is doing the other way around, less print heads to be used, supported by high-speed sanding system and in-time movement of carriage controlled by printing software, to expedite the printing speed. For example, the average printing speed for PCM2200 is 24 seconds per layer with less operating and maintenance cost of print head than those of the peers.

    2. The first to realize the online recycle of over-flow sand in the industry. It can better reduce the waste of the sand and lower the operating cost.

    3. The first to offer multiple choices of printing solutions. The self-developed printing management software allows end-users to select appropriate printing modes and parameters according to the requirements of the casting process.

    4. The first to realize partial encryption printing and adjustable ink volume inside and at the edge of the sand mold. It can make the sand form more suitable for casting by applying more resin to the edge enhancing its strength with less resin to the core reducing the gas evolution. Partial encryption printing is to enhance the strength of the weak positions of the sand core by jetting more resin to these parts, so to reduce the breakage inside the core.


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