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    Members from Guangdong Foundry Association and Shandong Foundry Association came to visit FHZL
    Publisher: FHZL  Page view:4264  2020-01-16

    On 14th Oct, FHZL warmly welcomed the guests from Guangdong Foundry Association and Shandong Foundry Association. Over 40 specialists and leaders from different foundry enterprises took part in the visit.

    After signature and photographing, General Manager Mr. Qu shown the PCM workshop of the Rapid Manufacturing Division where the guests can withness the 4th Generation Sand 3D Printer under normal working. Then Mr. Qu shown the assembly workshop and consumable R&D laboratory of the Additive Manufacturing Equipment Division where the guest can have a basic idea of how the printer was built.

    After the plant visit, the Deputy General Manager Mr. Jin made a detailed presentation in the meeting room to introduce the history of the company, the progress of its technology and the future of 3D printing. The guests were curious on how 3D printing will change the traditional foundries and they had a heated discussion on this topic.

    As the pioneer of the sand 3D printing in China, FHZL has adopted the PCM technology from Professor Yan Yongnian from Qsinghua University since 1997 and has been working hard on the R&D and commercialization of this technology for over twenty years. Sand 3D printers by FHZL have been used to different industries, for example, automobile, military, shipping, aerospace, new energy resources, valve and pump, mining machinery, construction machinery, molding etc. The 4th Generation Sand 3D printers are the utilization of FHZL’s latest R&D outcome.

    The guests are deeply impressed by the state-to-the-art technology and have faith that 3D printing will make a great difference to the traditional industry and FHZL will play an important role.


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