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    The 4th Generation Sand 3D Printer wowed the market, dozens of foundry specialists came to visit FHZL
    Publisher: FHZL  Page view:4249  2020-01-16

    The 4th Generation Sand 3D printer of FHZL has drawn more and more attention since its launch at the beginning of 2019.  On 26th of September, dozens of foundry specialists from all over China who have attended the 20th Foundry Conference came to visit FHZL to know more about its latest technology. There are total 110 guests and they are divided into two groups to visit the plant.

    General Manager Mr. Qu and Deputy General Manager of Additive Manufacturing Equipment Division Mr. Wang have shown the guests the assembly workshop of the printers, the PCM workshop of printing utilization and the casting workshop of post-processing. After the plant visit, Mr. Qu and Mr. Wang also made a detailed presentation in the meeting room to introduce the history of the company, the progress of its technology and the future of 3D printing. The coming up Q&A time has witnessed a heated discussion among the host and the guests.

    The guests are deeply impressed by the state-to-the-art technology and have faith that 3D printing will make a great difference to the traditional industry and FHZL will play an important role.


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